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#2 My CCMP Journey: Steps 1, 2 and 3

7 Jun 2020 13:07 | Anonymous

Following the CCMP Coaching Call blog I gave myself two weeks, to mid-March 2020 to complete step 1. And then life happened! Covid-19 which I had I had lightly, but it knocked me out for a couple of weeks, us all going into lockdown and my current contract going on pause for 4-6 weeks and hence little income (thankfully it’s restarted now). But now it's done...

As a reminder, the steps to CCMP are:

  • Step 1. Checking eligibility: education, experience and training
  • Step 2. Completing the application, including three 500-word essays and fees
  • Step 3. Waiting while the application is assessed!
  • Step 4. Application accepted, schedule exam and study for the 150 multiple-choice questions, 4 choices one right answer in 3 hours
  • Step 5. Take exam in centres available worldwide, pass and use the CCMP™ designation!

Step 1

Having looked at the eligibility requirements for education, experience and training a number of times, checked my work and activities that matched more than once, I decided was eligibIe and just needed to log on and get my application going. The ACMP CCMP Handbook is a great sanity check mixed with the Coaching Call webinar.

Step 2

After deciding I was eligible I then logged on and completed the online application. The sections are:

  • Personal Information: usual stuff
  • Education: usual stuff
  • Experience: tricky when I just thought about it, but then as I was ploughing through completing the application the hours appeared easily enough
  • Change Management Training: this was straightforward as I completed an eligible QEP course that provided the 21 PDUs required in autumn 2019
  • Experience Essay Questions: choosing the three questions out of the five on offer was the tricky part, once selected I write at pace an answer for each, had an hours break and then edited back to the word count and tidied the responses up

The final part is agreeing a statement of understanding about the certification process and then paying. On Sunday 31 May, I submitted my application.

Here is a screen shot of the application just before I submitted it, not that you can see the detail but that sections turn to green as you complete them.


Thankyou Covid-19! Working form home has created more time which has given me the boost to ‘get it done’ and make the most of the opportunity whilst it is with us. To come out the other side of lockdown with CCMP completed will be great.

What next (and Step 3)

  • Waiting for application to be reviewed and hear whether you are accepted to register for the CCMP exam and then hearing by email on 2 June that it was.
  • Schedule the online (remote proctored) exam and start studying.

Time taken

  • An hour to check eligibility
  • Half a day to complete the online application form, demonstrate the hours worked in change and write the three 500 words essays

Emotional state

Relieved the application was accepted,; apprehensive that I need to get into studying mode in the very near future...

Any questions

Get in touch with me by email at stevesuckling@acmpuk.com, I am currently the volunteer Communications and Marketing Director on the ACMP UK Chapter Board.

To find out more about joining ACMP global and affiliating to the ACMP UK Chapter click here.


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