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ACMP UK Webinar: Change stories: The good, the bad, the ugly!

  • 13 Oct 2021
  • 13:00 - 14:00
  • Webinar

ACMP UK Webinar

Panel members

  • Jennifer Bryan, ABChange Consultancy
  • Paul Hilford, E-Step Ltd
  • Gerda Stelpstra, Cushman and Wakefield
  • Sheila Pearson, Microsoft

This webinar for change practitioners will be a chance to share lessons learned through change stories from across the ACMP UK Chapter community. We have a great set of panel members who will be sharing some of their change stories and we welcome all members to get involved and share some of their stories too!

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    This webinar is provided at no cost to all and is attended predominately by ACMP members with all welcome. Please email info@acmpuk.com with any questions. 

    IMPORTANT: We will only email your joining link for the webinar to the email address you provide.


    Jennifer Bryan

    As a practicing Change Consultant I have worked with over 30 different organisations across multiple industries.  I’m a Non-Executive Board Member of the ACMP (Association of Change Management Professionals) UK Chapter and passionately believe in helping people - in whatever capacity I can - by making sure people are thought of first, last and throughout change projects and programmes.  She has created a unique leading change framework, the ABChange Model, which has been published in peer review journals and several other articles, as well as, presented at multiple conferences and client leadership events. The Model is underpinned by accepted theories in leadership and change. It then builds upon them a framework which enables managers to create their own strategies and action plans, effecting specific change within their organisations.

    Twitter:  https://twitter.com/jlbryan01


    Paul Hilford

    I’m a Kiwi currently living in North Wales. I’ve been in the UK now for 15 years so it’s becoming my second home. I'm an Asset Management and Equipment Reliability Specialist working with equipment dependent organisations to assure reliability, reduce risks and retain physical asset health. Working in a mostly engineering and industrial world, I see a lot of change happening with little consideration of the people. I've been a change management advocate and practitioner since the early 2000s when I started managing a national Maintenance Improvement Project (23 sites in NZ). It was during this time, I learned (the hard way!) how important change management is to achieving the desired business goals in the right way for those impacted.

    LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/paul-hilford-crl-cmrp-estepltd

    Gerda Stelpstra

    As an anthropologist I´m quite the ugly duckling in the corporate real estate sector. I like to be the odd one, a thought provoker inspiring people to look at topics from different angles. As a change practitioner I use anthropological principles to guide workplace environment related change. I believe as an external practitioner you can only achieve so much, change needs to come from the inside. But helping organisations lead their employees through change that will ultimately improve their work experience gives me energy and even more so when it leads to new and improved rituals and behaviours in the workplace. I am an introverted extravert, enjoy working together in a team with a good balance of individual time, and live by the principle ´under promise, over deliver´. I dislike hierarchy, bureaucracy and unrealistic expectations.

    LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/gerdastelpstra

    Sheila Pearson

    I am a Microsoft Adoption and Change Management Consultant. Originally from Glasgow, I now am based near Reading and have been involved in change management projects most of my working life. I have a master’s in business administration and a passion for cars! Most of my career has been in the automotive sector supporting the implementation of CRM and ERP solutions at retailer, importer, and manufacturer levels. In 2016 I switched to ACM consultancy joining Microsoft in 2016 and have been supporting Microsoft customers change the way their people work ever since. My approach to projects is pragmatic, and I have a passion for mentoring and coaching others in the people side of change.

    LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/sheilapearsonacm

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    To support ACMP members in the UK with leading the way change works and to serve as an independent and trusted source of professional excellence, advocate for the discipline, and create a thriving change community within the UK

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