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ACMP Members-Only Webinar: Stakeholder Analysis as Viewed by Social Network Theory

  • 14 Apr 2020
  • 12:00 - 13:00 (EDT)
  • Webinar

ACMP'S Members-Only Monthly Webinar

Title: Stakeholder Analysis as Viewed by Social Network Theory 

Presenter: Edward Cook 

Skill Level: Advanced (5+ years of Change Management Experience)

Track: Harnessing Collaborative Disciplines


Stakeholders can be viewed as a social network with all the influences and human interactions that would happen in any social network, like Facebook. I’ll describe how to analyze the network using a free plug-in tool for Excel called NodeXL. I’ll also describe the psychological impacts on a social network and how to manage them to help the network function well. All of this is based on the course I teach on analytics in the business school at the University of Richmond. This is one of the more popular class days because the tools are easy to learn but provide interesting often unexpected insights into human behavior!


Ed began his career as a Naval Aviator flying the C-2A, Greyhound achieving over 750 aircraft carrier landings. After leaving the active Navy, Ed worked for both Corning and Capital One as an analyst and executive. In 2007, Ed was mobilized and sent to Baghdad, Iraq where, as CDR Cook, he worked for Gen. David Petraeus on employment initiatives and the banking system. Ed was awarded the Bronze Star.  Ed is the president of The Change Decision LLC, a team performance consultancy which seeks to create Joy at Work by blending the science of Decision Analysis with the art of Change Management.  Ed holds a Ph.D. in decision analytics.

    Learning Objectives:

    • Know how to create a network analysis using NodeXL
    • Understand how to analyze the network to understand stakeholder behavior
    • Learn the techniques to manage the behaviors to create a stronger functioning stakeholder group
    • Learn how to use non-financial incentives effectively to motivate change progress

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