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ACMP Members-Only Webinar: Straight Talk – a critical ingredient for creating movement and change

  • 24 Oct 2019
  • 12:00 - 13:00 (EDT)
  • Webinar

ACMP'S Members-Only Monthly Webinar

Title: Straight Talk – a critical ingredient for creating movement and change

PresenterAlex Wray

Skill Level: Intermediate (3-5 Years of Change Management Experience)

Track: Trends & Innovation


The inability to say it straight may be killing your change effort. From our 25 years with clients from the c-suite of global multinationals, to the frontline of the Silicon Valley start-ups, we’ve seen that no one is immune. We might know the “issue” but we struggle to address it.

Instead, we dance around the elephants. no one daring to face them down, let alone call them out. The impact? We are kept from wrapping our minds around the issues that matter most.

Lacking the capability for talking straight keeps teams and organizations stuck; painfully repeating patterns of ineffectiveness, year after year.

In a world of rapid-fire change and ever-growing uncertainty, it’s more important than ever to build the capability to get to the heart of the issue, fast.

This presentation promises practical insight into building the collective capability to get real about the real issue.


Alex Wray has over 20 years’ experience as a trusted adviser of top teams and leaders throughout North America and globally, from Singapore to Switzerland. He has served a rangse of clients from the small entrepreneurial start-ups in the Silicon Valley to the CEO offices of both Motorola and Ford Motor Company. Alex’s expertise is in developing the capability of leaders to transform their performance while working on their greatest challenge. Central to Alex’s approach is the work of ground-breaking Harvard University Professors Bob Kegan and Lisa Lahey, and the Immunity to Change™ phenomenon. Alex has worked alongside Bob and Lisa in doing this work in Canada, Europe, and the US. Alex has completed the highest level of Immunity to Change™ Coach Certification. Alex is part of the faculty of Notre Dame University’s Executive Integral Leadership Program—one of the premier leadership development programs in North America.

Learning Objectives:

  • Be able to explain the neuroscience behind why it’s against our human nature to speak up and say it straight
  • Key questions to engage your leadership in assessing how candid the culture really is today and the price being paid for the gaps
  • Understand the 3 conversations needed to jumpstart a movement toward building the capability to get real about the real issue

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