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ACMP'S Members-Only Webinar: Mindfulness for Change Management – hitting change where it matters most

  • 27 Jun 2019
  • 12:00 - 13:00 (EDT)
  • Webinar

ACMP'S Members-Only Monthly Webinar

Presenter Wendy Quan

Skill Level: Beginner (0-3 Years of Change Management Experience)

Track: Trends & Innovation


There is rarely enough time to help individuals through change, so why not help employees help themselves? We know that ‘change happens one individual at a time’ but how can we address the individual with our limited resources?
Combining change management with mindfulness is an innovative technique that is now backed by research. See how this is done and the extraordinary ways it is helping people boost their ability to deal with tough changes.
The “Dealing with Change Mindfulness Meditation Study” showed 100% of participants were able to create a better experience of their change through guidance by a change management mindfulness meditation.
Come experience this technique for yourself and hear how companies are responding to this unique method.
This session is the next generation of Wendy Quan’s past ACMP presentations on ‘Meditation – A powerful change management tool’ which was a winning white paper at the ACMP conference in 2015.


Wendy Quan is the founder of The Calm Monkey, and was previously Pacific Blue Cross’ change manager for nine years. Wendy is an industry thought leader, training and certifying mindfulness meditation facilitators in the workplace and combining change management techniques with mindfulness to help people through difficult change.
The Calm Monkey is the first to offer mindfulness facilitator training and the Dealing with Change Toolkit so organizations can help employees help themselves through change.
A long friend of ACMP, Wendy started the Vancouver change community and is a founding member of ACMP. She has taught her facilitator training program at the Greater Good Science Center at UC Berkeley. Her clients include Google, the government of Dubai, the U.S. Senate and individuals worldwide.
Wendy has a compelling personal story of her cancer journey and how this has led to her passion in helping people create a better experience of life.

Learning Objectives:

  • See the latest innovative research on combining change management and mindfulness
  • How companies are using this technique
  • How to get people to help themselves by increasing self-awareness of their emotions, reactions and behaviors, and helping them create a better experience of their change.
  • Experience a shortened version of this technique for yourself

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