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ACMP Members-Only Webinar: Making the Decision before making the Change

  • 28 Feb 2019
  • 12:00 - 13:00 (CST)
  • Webinar

ACMP'S Members-Only Monthly Webinar

PresenterEdward Cook

Skill Level: Intermediate (3-5 Years of Change Management Experience)

Track: Integrated Disciplines and Partnerships


The focus of the workshop is how change management professionals can be engaged in the decision-making process for what the change itself will be. It provides tools to help prevent the terrible consequence of trying to drive change for a bad decision. We will use a case to drive the method whereby a change management professional can influence the decision-making process for the effort they are engaged to manage the change. The case will be modified so that parts of the case answers are given through the process in order to keep the momentum moving through the time. The participants will work in groups with the case materials to execute a "Decision Hygiene" process that will get to a better decision. This is a proven and highly refined methodology. Leaving the workshop participants will know: 1. How to engage the broad stakeholder group in the decision-making process 2. How to ensure all points of view are included and none dominate 3. How to do all of this without introducing a "flavor-of-the-month" style methodology.


I want to bring joy back to work. I love the power of teams, but recognize they can be challenging. I’m working on bringing together the disciplines of Decision Analytics and Change Management to achieve greater team performance. The goal is lasting transformation so that the team continually strengthens with every challenge. This is true in business or the military by creating a process that guides leaders to improve their teams' performance by nailing group decision-making and then making the change management stick. This, I have found, is the path to team transformation.  I am an Adjunct Professor teaching "Information and Analytics" at the University of Richmond for MBAs.   I have handled large process, product and systems roll outs, but more importantly the cultural aspects. I have led large teams to implement multi-million-dollar system and process changes, but have created success by creative change management. That has been the key factor to make it work.  As a pilot in the US Navy, had 2500 flight hours and over 700 aircraft carrier landings. The culmination of my military service was driving nation building activities with the Government of Iraq while I was mobilized. For these efforts I was the Bronze Star.

Learning Objectives:

  • Executing a robust and fair decision process
  • Engaging stakeholders in decision-making
  • Creating robust decision alternatives
  • Creating a group decision without bias

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