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We are delighted that we have received nominations for all but one post. No posts have received more than one nomination. The nominees below are therefore elected for two years and take up their posts on 2 August 2020.

PresidentSteve Green

Director of Operations & SecretaryDamian Jordan 

Director of MembershipElke Sanz

Director of Marketing & Communications: Steve Suckling  

District Director – London and South EastIhab Ahmed 

As there were no nominations for the post of ‘Regional Director – Midlands’, should you be interested in this role please do contact the Secretary, Damian Jordan, for further details: damianjordan@acmpuk.com

The details of how we run our elections are here and you can read the role profiles for the Board here.


You can read the role profiles for the Board here. Nominees are required to complete and submit two forms to be nominated:

We are looking forward to  seeing some new faces taking part in the elections for the UK Chapter board in 2021!

The time commitment is usually about 4-8 hours a month, depending on role. We meet 'virtually' every other week and when social distancing will allow, hope to meet face-to-face as a board about 2-3 times a year. Plus, we get to see each other at ACMP UK Chapter events and professional development activities we all take part in running and hosting, whether they are virtual or if social distancing allows, face-to-face.

We have a development plan with our current focuses being on community, leadership, collaboration, commitment and accountability. Also, fun, we are all volunteers passionate about change leadership and management, and want this not to be lost in bureaucracy! To bring these focuses to life our current activities are on:

  • being passionate about organisational change 
  • building a dynamic professional community of change practitioners
  • becoming a vibrant and growing source of change expertise
  • growing our UK Chapter affiliated membership
  • influencing ACMP Global policy and practice.

If you are interested in 'shadowing' one of the current board members from now to June 2021, get in touch with us at info@acmpuk.com; we are a volunteer member organisation, run for members by members, get involved today!

    Vision and Mission

    To support ACMP members in the UK with leading the way change works and to serve as an independent and trusted source of professional excellence, advocate for the discipline, and create a thriving change community within the UK

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